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Multiple Intelligences

The Eight Kinds of Smart


Although every child has some degree of ability in all eight categories, children typically show strengths in one or two.


Word Smart (Linguistic)
Body Smart
  • Loves to write
  • Tells Stories
  • Enjoys Reading Books
  • Does well in sports
  • Loves to build things
  • Dances or acts
Picture Smart (Spatial)
Music Smart
  • Possesses a visual imagination
  • Loves to draw
  • Plays video games
  • Plays a musical instrument
  • Loves to sing
  • Remembers many songs
Logic Smart
People Smart (Interpersonal)
  • Does well in mathematics
  • Enjoys brain teasers
  • Has many friends
  • Loves to socialize
  • Shows empathy for others
Self-Smart (Intrapersonal)
Science Smart
  • Possesses high self-esteem
  • Enjoys hobbies
  • Know his/her likes and dislikes
  • Special talent with animals
  • Enjoys animals and nature
  • Sensitive to the environment